Don’t check up on me
if you ain’t real with me

Never a first choice

I wonder when I will have someone that’s truly all mine

Iv never been in love

So much time wasted on the wrong dudes

Never a first choice, I deserve to be a first choice

I don’t wanna find out he has a girl friend

But I did

They always do

It hurts

I fuckin hate this shit


list of cool things to call me (not cute)

  • celestial
  • exquisite
  • sublime
  • otherworldly
  • alluring
  • magnificent
  • charming
  • fascinating
  • splendid
  • dazzling
  • entrancing
  • radiant

Niggas out here is so stingy

Swear I be believing k.Michelle’s music now

Being a virgin can be the best and worst shit ever

But right now it fucking sucks

When you find out the guy you started to like has a girl friend and so that basically says he was just trynna hit

Of course this motha fucka got a girl hmm glad I did my snooping 

I cant wait for his ass to call me to day

really disappointed though